2018 Roadmap Update

June 10 2018

XFunds is already a useful tool for investors to diversify their crypto portfolios, but we aim to be easier to use and understand so as to open the door to more casual users. What can you expect?

  • August 2018 - A Distributed Exchange solution that allows shapeshift-style address-based exchange of Ethereum and any ERC20 token
  • September 2018 - Cross-chain integration for the new DEX, allowing one-step, no-registration ERC20 token exchange to all major cryptocurrencies
  • October 2018 - Launch of 2-year settlement xSPY, xGLD, xUSD, and xVIX
  • November 2018 - Improved styling and branding
  • December 2018 - ICO for dividend of XFund platform revenue

More details will be announced in the future.

XFunds is Working to Create a Simpler Distributed Exchange

June 5 2018

XFunds is working to pioneer a distributed exchange experience that requires no registration or private keys, so as to draw more liquidity to the distributed exchange market, and give XFunds a better platform to trade on. More details will be announced in the future.

First XFund Succesfully Settled

June 1 2018

The one month short settlement schedule of xSPY has concluded and the fund settled its white and black token rates. XSpy tokens may be redeemed for Ethereum at this time.

First XFund Succesfully Launched on Mainnet

May 1 2018

After considerable development and testing, XFunds has launched its first fund, xSPY, to track the S&P500 index on a short-duration settlement schedule of one month. The fund's smart contracts were successfully deployed with no issues. To begin using xSPY, visit its page in the sidebar.

XFunds Development Has Begun

March 5 2018

XFunds are tokens for investing in any market via socialized Contract For Difference. For "crypto citizens", who store their value outside the traditional financial system, there are limited investment options for diversifying their portfolio. XFunds aims to be an easy option to add diversification to a crypto-based portfolio while retaining full ownership of all involved tokens. XFund tokens are ERC20 tokens stored on an investor's own wallet, which can be redeemed after fund settlement at a set amount by sending them to a smart contract. The developer of XFunds hopes this technology will be an additional tool investors can use to improve personal financial liberty.