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ERC20 Tokens

ERC20 Symbol Token Type Exchange Links ERC20 Address ERC20 Decimals
xUSD White Token (tracks index) Etherdelta
Description: Matches the United States Dollar.
xxxUSD Black Token (counterparty) Etherdelta
Description: Represents an increased leverage long position on ethereum.

XFund Contract

xFund Contract Address Funds Under Management Settlement Date Equal ETH Per Token At
Click contract link and view ethereum balance 00:00 UTC June 1 2018 400 USD per ETH

Settlement Calculator

ERC20 Symbol ETH Rate USD per ETH ETH Per Token Token USD Value
xUSD 0 0 $0
xxxUSD * * 0 $0

Acquiring xFund Tokens

XFund tokens can be acquired either by creating or trading.

To create xFund tokens, send any amount of Ethereum to the xFund address above. The xFund will always send you an equal number of both tokens back. If you only desire to have only one type of token, you can create tokens and then trade the one you do not want at an exchange.

To trade XFund tokens, use the Etherdelta links in the "ERC20 Tokens" section.

Storing xFund Tokens

XFund tokens are standard ERC20 tokens. Any wallet which supports ERC20 tokens can store xFund tokens. Use the information in "ERC20 Tokens" section to configure your wallet.